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New Part Alert!

New Part Alert! We are now producing (and have a bunch in stock) a Walther PPQ +6 in Brass. Taylor Freelance’s new +6 for the PPQ extends your mags out to the maximum allowed in 3-Gun and USPSA Limited — giving you 21+1 instead of the stock 15. If you shoot a .40, our extension… Read More »

More Canik Love

More Canik love: Canik magwells in BRASS! 3X the weight of aluminum, a TF brass magwell absorbs recoil and balances out the TP9SF — giving it a much more “neutral” feel. (Most polymer-framed pistols feel “top heavy.”)

Max Canik Capicity!

MAX CANIK CAPACITY! Take your Canik mags all the way out to 27+1! If you want more ammo, this is the ultimate available – and it works with our magwells. Here at TF we’ve been looking at what’s needed to field a Canik Open racegun. The first item needed is a 170mm extension — because… Read More »

Canik Magwells Are Back!

Canik Magwells are back! A lot of you have been asking when we’d have BLACK Canik magwells back in stock. We got them in yesterday. QUESTION: We’ve had several customers ask for TUNGSTEN colored magwells. How big a deal is that to you?

Another New Part for Caniks

Ok Canik fans, we have another new part. Our new Canik +0 basepad is available for preorder. This part adds .85 ounces of weight to your magazine allowing for easier drop-away on reload. The extra length makes it easier to get a positive seating in the gun when loading. It works extremely well with our… Read More »