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Now Available for Pre-Order!

Just released our Walther PDP Compact Magwells for pre-order! These new magwells are specifically designed for the PDP Compact combining many aspects of a full-size magwell while maintaining a small size for concealed carry. Aluminum is available now Black and blue aluminum available Sept 8th Brass available Aug 16th Brass black available Sept 8th Hurry… Read More »

New Part Alert!

New Part Alert! We just released the CZ P10 “F” backstrap. This is the biggest backstrap we have made, weighing in at over 5.5 ounces. Like all backstraps, this will drastically change the balance and feel of your firearm…in a great way! Find in our store at:

New! Canik Mete Backstrap

Just released! Canik Mete backstrap in brass! This brand new Canik backstrap features a new grip pattern and adds approximately 3.8 ounces of weight to the firearm, calming the gun down and lowering the center of gravity. More colors coming soon including brass in tungsten, black and FDE. Aluminum parts and colors are due out… Read More »

New Product! VR-80 ProPad

New Product! We’ve created a competition pad for the VR-80 magazine. Replaces the stock plastic pad on the magazine with an strong aluminum one that won’t crack when dropped. Currently available in Shiny Aluminum and Black. Red is on the way.

New Product! Walther PDP Full-Size Brass Backstrap

New Product! Announcing our Brass Backstrap for the Walther Full-Size PDP! The backstrap adds 3.8 ounces to your PDP.That weight counteracts the “top-heavy” feel of polymer autos, and calms perceived recoil. In our experience heavy backstraps also improve the “feel” of the gun — especially when speed reloading. Now available on our website at…/