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New Canik Basepad!

Checkout our new Canik Signature Series Plus 9. The signature series feature a more aggressive design, built-in rip strip, and mag tracker dots on the bottom. Available in aluminum in shiny, black, and tungsten colors. Find in our store at:…/170mm-9-extensions/ #taylorfreelance#uspsa#canik

Canik SC Backstrap in Burnt Bronze

Just released the Canik SC Backstrap in a Burnt Bronze finish. A great new color for the sub-compact Canik.We added a touch of length below the frame and replaced the “cutaway’ grip profile of the Canik SC backstrap with a curving, extended butt. Shooting the SC becomes more comfortable, more natural feeling, and the extra… Read More »

New Limited Edition Mag Extensions!

Add a little “bling for spring” with our new limited edition mag extensions! These new basepads are coated in flat-black with a gold hexagon pattern. Random black hexagons in the pattern make each extension unique!Available as a +9 for Canik and as a 41+1 for Glock.Find in our store at

New Product

We realized that over the last few months we have added all the parts we need to create a heavy weight kit in brass anodized black. Awesome! The kit is a great way to get a complete set of parts for your Canik at a reduced price. Check it out on our website! #taylorfreelance#canik