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Introducing our New Signature v2.0 Mag Extension

Our Signature v2.0 Toolless basepad is finally here! Released in time for our 30th anniversary, these basepads feature our new toolless system featuring brass connection hardware, a grippy side profile, a 5-dot track system and our 30th anniversary base design. Each mag extension is a complete kit and comes with a Rune spring/follower that will… Read More »

New Canik Basepad!

Checkout our new Canik Signature Series Plus 9. The signature series feature a more aggressive design, built-in rip strip, and mag tracker dots on the bottom. Available in aluminum in shiny, black, and tungsten colors. Find in our store at:…/170mm-9-extensions/ #taylorfreelance#uspsa#canik

Canik SC Backstrap in Burnt Bronze

Just released the Canik SC Backstrap in a Burnt Bronze finish. A great new color for the sub-compact Canik.We added a touch of length below the frame and replaced the “cutaway’ grip profile of the Canik SC backstrap with a curving, extended butt. Shooting the SC becomes more comfortable, more natural feeling, and the extra… Read More »

New Limited Edition Mag Extensions!

Add a little “bling for spring” with our new limited edition mag extensions! These new basepads are coated in flat-black with a gold hexagon pattern. Random black hexagons in the pattern make each extension unique!Available as a +9 for Canik and as a 41+1 for Glock.Find in our store at