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Walther Monthly Gun Giveaway!

Walther is giving away custom guns! These Monthly giveaways are based on Division member’s competition guns. Taylor Freelance is proud to be part of the May giveaway featuring Walther Performance Division member Luke Cao’s firearm. Luke’s firearm features our brass backstraps and +0 competition basepads. Learn more about Luke and enter to win:…/walther-custom-gun-giveaway… #taylorfreelance#walther#PDP

Walther PDP Full-size Magwells in Brass Available

In Stock Now! Just got our first batch of Walther PDP Hook-Type Magwells in Brass! These great magwells add 1.75 ounces of weight and works with both Taylor Freelance and Walther backstraps. Brass – Black magwells should be available in a couple weeks. Get yours now before they are gone!…/

A Nicely Dressed Walther

A nicely dressed Walther PDP Full-size. The backstrap and Mag extension are TF parts. The blue mag release is not from Taylor Freelance but is a actual Walther upgrade accessories. They can be found at…/

New Product! Walther PDP Full-Size Brass Backstrap

New Product! Announcing our Brass Backstrap for the Walther Full-Size PDP! The backstrap adds 3.8 ounces to your PDP.That weight counteracts the “top-heavy” feel of polymer autos, and calms perceived recoil. In our experience heavy backstraps also improve the “feel” of the gun — especially when speed reloading. Now available on our website at…/