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A Nicely Dressed Walther

A nicely dressed Walther PDP Full-size. The backstrap and Mag extension are TF parts. The blue mag release is not from Taylor Freelance but is a actual Walther upgrade accessories. They can be found at https://waltherarms.com/q-series-extended-magazine…/

New Product! Walther PDP Full-Size Brass Backstrap

New Product! Announcing our Brass Backstrap for the Walther Full-Size PDP! The backstrap adds 3.8 ounces to your PDP.That weight counteracts the “top-heavy” feel of polymer autos, and calms perceived recoil. In our experience heavy backstraps also improve the “feel” of the gun — especially when speed reloading. Now available on our website at https://taylorfreelancestore.com/walther-pdp-full-size…/

Walther PDP in New Colors

We now have our new Walther PDP Competition Basepads in blue and black.   Red is coming shortly. Add speed, confidence to your reloads! The PDP +0 extension adds weight to your magazine allowing for better drop-away performance, while adding the extra length needed to positively seat the magazine in the gun. Fits PDP Full-Sizeā€¦ Read More »

New Product!

Just finished our Walther PDP Competition +0 extensions. Adds a bit of weight to help with drop-away action and length to help positively seat the magazine. Available in Brass and Aluminum. Check it out in our store: https://taylorfreelancestore.com/walther/pdp/#taylorfreelance#Walther#PDP