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Canik Magwells Are Back!

Canik Magwells are back! A lot of you have been asking when we’d have BLACK Canik magwells back in stock. We got them in yesterday. QUESTION: We’ve had several customers ask for TUNGSTEN colored magwells. How big a deal is that to you? http://taylorfreelancestore.com/canik-tp9-magwell-black/

Canik TP-9 Magwells in Stock!

In living color. . . At last! All the parts and pieces for our Canik magwells arrived back from the anodizer(s) over the weekend. We’re shipping all four colors today and tomorrow. Robin snapped this photo of the parts on the assembly bench.  (http://taylorfreelancestore.com/canik-tp9-magwell-black/)

New Canik Magwell

Our Canik TP9 Magwell is now available for pre-order. This magwell features are patent pending Overlock Retention System that uses the Lanyard hole to mount the magwell securely to the gun. The parts are available in Aluminum, red and black. Blue may be coming shortly. http://taylorfreelancestore.com/canik/tp9-magwells/

New! HK Overdrive Magwells

Our new HK Overdrive Magwells are now in stock. Totally new, the HK VP 9/40 version of our “Overdrive” magwell optimizes what you want in a competition-style magazine funnel: *Legal for all the pistol games that allow magwells (1 5/8″ wide at widest point) *Milled from 6061 aluminum billet *Accepts factory magazines *Textured for “grippiness”… Read More »