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Upgraded Magwell Fits Walther Q5 Steel

UPGRADED MAGWELL! The TF Walther PPQ Overdrive magwell in black now fits the new Walther Q5 steel frame!! Other colors are due shortly. Check it out!…/

PPQ 4 U?

We’re converting our 3D-printed “beta” magwell for the Walther PPQ into a full-on magwell milled from aluminum bar stock called the “Overdrive.” It fits the M1, M2, and hot new PPQ Match. Thanks to the good offices of our head machinist Mike Fox, the current prototype features a series of slightly-grippy serrations. We’re sending samples out… Read More »

Walther PPQ +6, +0 Basepads Available Now!

Turn your PPQ into a 3-Gun-competitive machine with our new PPQ +6. We’ve extended the mag to the maximum allowed in USPSA/3-Gun, and upgraded the quick-release locking plate for a blend of high security and ease of cleaning. If you shoot USPSA’s “Limited” division, our +6 fits the box and offers a full +5 in… Read More »

Walther PPQ “Beta” Magwells Available Now

We’ve just released our first “beta” magwell for the Walther PPQ. Our plan is to produce them in stainless/bronze the way we do the HK P30/VP9 magwell, but right now we need your feedback to choose the right design. Currently we’re on version A7, which includes some improved funnel characteristics, but still works with a modified stock basepad… Read More »