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New! Canik Elite Backstrap

Some pictures of the new Canik Elite Backstrap grip panel on the gun. Also a comparison of the grip panel patterning compared to the original. Find them in our store at

Canik Brass Beauty

TF just released a solid brass Canik +0. The golden glow of natural brass looks awesome, and they weigh enough to dampen recoil. You can’t use them for IDPA competition (too heavy), but at 2.7 ounces, they’re legal within the USPSA Production rules. You can get some here:

New Part Alert!

New Part Alert! We are now producing (and have a bunch in stock) a Walther PPQ +6 in Brass. Taylor Freelance’s new +6 for the PPQ extends your mags out to the maximum allowed in 3-Gun and USPSA Limited — giving you 21+1 instead of the stock 15. If you shoot a .40, our extension… Read More »