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AR-15 Extensions

Taking pictures for a project and once again realized what a great product this is. Probably one of the coolest designs we have done at Taylor Freelance.Adds +3 to your AR-15 Pmags while providing a curved, textured surface for bracing the gun. Put two mags together with our connector and you not only get more… Read More »

Worn, Abused Parts

Courtney Ann send us pictures of her “abused” parts! Yes, we love it when our basepads and magwells get used, dirty and scratched

Robin’s TriggrCon Interview

The interview! Robin had a great time talking about PCC and the T-Mag system with Tony Pignato at Triggrcon. If you’re an “AR guy” Tony’s run-through explains a lot of why our T-Mag system is appearing on serious shooters’ guns.