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A Great Set of Colors

A couple custom part colors we haven’t seen yet through the shop. The magwell is in Midnight Bronze and the mag extension is in Burnt Bronze.These colors would look good on a tan gun.If these are your parts… they are going in the mail today!

Looking at Some Bling?

What do you think? We are working with a new local company called Helios Arms to provide some bling to our magwells. Looking for feedback on the color combo and pattern. Should we carry certain parts already finished and available immediately? Should we create a Taylor Freelance unique pattern? Helios Arms is also looking at… Read More »

Our First Website…

Using the Wayback Machine on the Internet archive, Robin and I discovered what is probably the first website we built over 20 years ago! This 2001 vintage website was pre-ecommerce. You filled out a little form with what you wanted…and mailed us a check. It worked as we only had 4 or 5 parts…all for… Read More »