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We Have a Pile of Gold!

After waiting weeks, we finally got our gold parts back in stock. Wide variety of parts including Canik, Rock Island, VR-80 and more.If you have a backorder for a gold parts, most of those orders went out this morning. NOTE: You can’t have a gold horde without a dragon…

Our First Website…

Using the Wayback Machine on the Internet archive, Robin and I discovered what is probably the first website we built over 20 years ago! This 2001 vintage website was pre-ecommerce. You filled out a little form with what you wanted…and mailed us a check. It worked as we only had 4 or 5 parts…all for… Read More »


Getting exciting around Taylor Freelance! We are moving into a bigger space! Our team will once again all be in the same building. Luckily, our shop is just across the parking lot from the new space. We will now have 6,000 sq. feet to play with. In the process of adding some better bathrooms, fixing… Read More »