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Longtime Friend and Customer

Robin with Bruce Bennett, basepad customer number ONE for Taylor Freelance.

The first basepad we made (at Bruce’s urging) was a +8 extension for Open Division Glocks — in his case, a .40. (Hence the original name was the “+8 Floorplate” — it gave +8 in .40, +10 in 9mm)

Bruce and Robin were two of the best known “Glock guys” in Northwest Washington at the time (before shooting Glocks was common). Bruce shot as a sponsored shooter for Aerotek while working for the Washington Dept of Corrections, and Robin was writing for Fishing & Hunting News!

Customer Gun

John Olsen sent us this pic of his “Super” Glock 43, equipped with both a sight block, and one of our new G43 base pads. “Been using the G43 +1 base pad you sent at the last few pin shoots, great product. . . I have plus size hands so your base pad is just a little short to what I am used to. It conceals nice, I have let my wife try it out in her carry gun and she loves it. Drops free during exchanges and seats positively. There is nothing I would do differently. If you ever decide to make a +2 extension for the G43 I will be the first in line to purchase them.”