Now Available for Pre-Order!

Just released our Walther PDP Compact Magwells for pre-order! These new magwells are specifically designed for the PDP Compact combining many aspects of a full-size magwell while maintaining a small size for concealed carry.

Aluminum is available now

Black and blue aluminum available Sept 8th

Brass available Aug 16th

Brass black available Sept 8th

Hurry & get your order in on our website at:

Making Canik Parts

A great little video showing our Canik Mete Backstraps being milled.

We use a 5 axis machine that enables us to spin the part around for the optimal direction… without a manual adjustment. With three vices on the tombstone, we are able to mill multiple parts at various stages without as many manual adjustments.

Video shows the fifth axis moving in various ways and a tool change on the machine.

Canik Mete standard and Deathgrip backstraps are available on our website at:

HK VP9 “Death Grip” Available Now!

The effect of a brass backstrap on an HK VP9 hard to exaggerate. Practically everyone that picks one up looks at us and says something like “Oh yeah, that’s better,” without even really knowing why.

Like all polymer-frame pistols, the HK VP9 is top- and front-heavy. Adding a brass backstrap evens out the balance, making it handle more like an all-steel gun. Additionally, the heavier frame recoils slower, which tends to make the gun feel less “snappy” and thus more pleasant to shoot. And the “Death Grip” texture grabs your hand, while looking fantastic!

We heard HK had changed the transponder housing inside the grip, so we bought a new VP9L to make sure. Turns out newer VP9s have a different transponder cavity, AND the frame itself is ever-so-slightly longer, which causes various “issues.” Thanks to the good design work of TF’s Michael Fox, our backstrap works with both frames, and we’re working on updating the magwell to do the same.

Currently available in Aluminum and Brass. Aluminum – black and Brass – black coming soon!

Exciting day in the shop!

Got our Canik MC9 and Rival-S out of gun jail today! This allows us to start working on our goodies for these two guns. We have lots planned for both guns starting with a backstrap for the MC9.

Will keep everyone in the loop!