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TF 41+1 Mag Kit Video

Take a quick look at this video we did last year. Personally, we still can’t watch it without laughing. Compared to 28 or 29+1, or even 33+1, 41+1 is EPIC.

The 41+1 kit is silly fun in a pistol like my tiny Glock 26, but for a guy with a Lone Wolf AR Carbine, or a Kel-Tec P2000, 41+1 makes a lot of sense. If you’re competing in USPSA’s new “Pistol Caliber Carbine” division with a Glock-fed 9mm AR, this is the only way to go.

You can find the original Delrin 41+1 kit in our store, but we’ve also started producing one in red-anodized aluminum.

Upgraded 170mm Glock Extensions — Including .40-cal!

Glock 40 plus 10

9mm optimized +12, .40 optimized +10, aluminum .40 +10 (custom order).

Many of you know our 170mm Glock extension under it’s old name — the “plus eight”. We’ve upgraded the old “plus eight” many times over the years, and this month, we’re introducing a .40 S&W optimized version. Glock 40 plus 10 closeThanks to some upgrades, today’s model is a +10 — and takes its place alongside a 9mm-optimized +12. No matter what name you use to describe them, ours have been the go-to “big stick” extensions for Glock jockeys for more than 20 years.

The new variants also include the quick-release “Chludenski cut” locking plate — making dis-assembly and cleaning simple.