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Custom Customer Parts

Nick (greasy_dolphin on instagram) sent us this picture of his custom colored +4 extensions. The colors sure match well with his gun belt and mag holders! We can do a custom cerakote on your new part for $7 bucks per part. Adds a couple weeks to the order. Over 65 colors to choose from!

Our Extensions Fit!

We got our hands on the new metal frame Smith & Wesson M2.0 Competitor. The competitor will take our 140mm +6 mag extensions! Awesome! Thanks to Darrell for bringing in his new firearm and letting us play with it. Our SWMP 140mm mag extensions can be found here: #taylorfreelance#SWMP#competitor

New Part Alert!

Just finished our new backstraps for the CZ P10 “F” & “C”. These are some of the heaviest backstraps we have made at 4.5 ounces for aluminum and 5.4 ounces for brass. Lowers the center of gravity of the gun and calms it down during recoil. A brass backstrap is the best add-on to any‚Ķ Read More »