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Now Available

Finally available! Our new Canik MC9 Deathgrip backstrap. Designed for maximum grip while still maintaining concealability. Find in our store at:

Exciting day in the shop!

Got our Canik MC9 and Rival-S out of gun jail today! This allows us to start working on our goodies for these two guns. We have lots planned for both guns starting with a backstrap for the MC9. Will keep everyone in the loop! #taylorfreelance#MC9#canik

New Custom Color Parts

It’s that time of the week when we get our custom Cerakote back from our vendor. Colors this week include Crushed Orchid, Lemon Zest, HiVis Orange, and NRA Blue. We have over 65 colors to choose from at just $7 bucks per part. Give your gun a personalized look! As always, if these are your… Read More »

AK-47 Extension for PMAGS

Just got our AK-47 extension for PMAGS in stock. Available in Black and shiny aluminum. Also have them availble now for the x-tech mags. Awesome!

Custom Customer Parts

Nick (greasy_dolphin on instagram) sent us this picture of his custom colored +4 extensions. The colors sure match well with his gun belt and mag holders! We can do a custom cerakote on your new part for $7 bucks per part. Adds a couple weeks to the order. Over 65 colors to choose from!